Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year

It's January 12th and the new year is already so full! I have my new wholesale brochures ready to go - can't wait to mail them out. Although I am a little scared...what happens if I actually get orders? Yikes!

School is back in session so the days are quieter - although with a 2 year old, quiet is a relative term. When did the Terrible Two's REALLY get terrible? Ugh. Some days I think I may lose my mind - or, I might have already.

The most exciting thing I can think of right now is that I got 2 international orders this year! One came from the UK, as a gift for someone in California. The other came from California as a gift for someone in the UK - neither order is related - total fluke. Kind of exciting though! :)

Here's my big dilemma - I need new color names. What I am doing is NOT working. I have these AWESOME patterns for my charms, but the names of the colors are horrid and don't do the patterns justice. If you are so inclined and feeling creative - check out my new pics in my gallery. See some of the cool patterns and come up with some cool names! Anyone who sends me a suggestion that I use will get a free necklace and charm! How's that for a New Year incentive?

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