Wednesday, December 17, 2008

holidays, Mommy mess-ups and More

Wow - I simply CANNOT believe that Christmas is only a few days away!!!!! I am up to my eyeballs in orders - I have only a few days left to get orders out. I've had a small snafu with my paypal and it's not charging people for shipping. Nothing like a few shipping charges to make the bank account smaller! :) I do have several orders more to get out the door and I think I'll be overnighting them to get them there by Christmas. Yikes!

On the mommy front - I have taken Bad mommy'ing to a new level. I packed up the kids to head to Seattle with Daddy in the car - and completely forgot the bears, blankets and pillows. Ugh. My kids are HUGE lovey fans - tonight is going to be a hard sleep night for sure. I was able to run home today and stuff everything into a box and I overnighted them to Anacortes!

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