Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mom's Day Giveaway

Time for a Mother's Day Giveaway! Here's how it works...

Pregnancy Magazine has featured Pickled Tink this month. Go to any store with the magazine and check it out. Then e-mail me or leave me a post on the pickled tink facebook page. Tell me something about the page you saw.... Once you do that - you will automatically get 20% off any order placed by April 25th for Mother's Day - get something for your mom, your sister, your aunt, your grandma or - you!

If you want to win a FREE 2 charm necklace - buy the magazine and scan the page pickled tink is on. Then post your pdf file to the pickled tink facebook page. The first person to scan and post the page wins a necklace.

Isn't that easy??? What's not to love about free things for Mother's Day? And you win just for entering with the comments - even better!