Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CPSIA Blog Day

I just learned that today is officially "CPSIA Blog Day". So here I am blogging about it. I haven't stopped talking about it for weeks now. I flip-flop between annoyed, frustrated, so pissed that I can't see straight and just plain DONE with it.

It is amazing to me that there is ONE guy in Congress who has the power to help us. This article is lengthy - but a really good explanation as to why he's the one guy who can help.

As it stands now, we plan to close Stone Soup. We do have one little plan up our sleeve to try and stay open - but it's only a bandaid and an expensive one. It'll keep us open temporarily, but not long term.

My favorite thing to check each day: Check it out - the top ticker has a little place to say what he's working on each day. Everyday that I have checked it, it has this ______________. What exactly is ____________? Can I get that job? I want to work on _______________ and get paid $174,000.

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