Friday, January 23, 2009

My government bubble is burst

Seriously, I am tired of talking about this. CPSIA is going to affect EVERY single person in the country who sells, makes, loans or in any way distributes children's items. Little ole-gramma making baby blankets? Affects her too. Especially if she adds any buttons or sequins - look out!

I continue to be amazed at the people I talk to everyday who still think this law is only affecting people who import from China. Or who haven't even HEARD of this law. Are you living under a rock? Apparently a LOT of people are - judging from the conversations I've had today.

Google it, get informed, get out of your bubble. I did. I was pretty happy floating along in my naive little world. Thought the government was here to help, not harm. I mean - at least in the general sense. I do have a new respect for what Seantors do everyday - but I also now have a very sad view of what happens because of what they do.

Here's a good list of what this law affects: (taken from
These are just some of the categories of products this law will affect:

books, including library books
infant equipment
childcare supplies including diapers
children’s clothing including babies to age 12
all toys for children birth to 12
stuffed animals
birthday party goods, decorations, supplies
wooden “natural” toys
hand-made children’s toys/goods/crafts
homeschooling materials
art and school supplies for children
children’s musical instruments
teaching materials and textbooks
bicycles and outdoor equipment for children
resale and consignment clothing and products
prizes/incentive items for children
bedroom furniture items and bedding
girls’ jewelry and dress up items
hand made baby blankets, booties, and hats
religious education products
sporting equipment designed for children
science and math hands-on teaching tools
kindergarten and preschool learning through play items
children’s shoes, backpacks and other accessories

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Sethiann said...

Your opening line is without a doubt very TRUE!

"CPSIA is going to affect EVERY single person in the country who sells, makes, loans or in any way distributes children's items."

Might I add...this is going to impact EVERYONE!!!

The trickle down effect on this is beyond...far, far beyond what we can fathom. In an already failing economy, this will smack everyone like a ton of bricks.

We need everyone the think beyond...