Monday, January 26, 2009

From whence we came

Have you ever looked at where you came from - Truly looked? Growing up, I always just accepted life as it was. Sure, I was jealous sometimes of friends who had more money, cuter clothes, but never put much thought into it.

As an adult, I look back and see where we fell in the grand scheme of classes. Still doesn't bother me too much - just clarifies a few things. Like my love of processed cheese & miracle whip.

I was in Spokane this weekend. Visiting my g-ma. Mom was there so I thought I'd come too and do the good grand-daughter thing. I think I might have just won "grand-daughter/ daughter of the year" award. I slept in grandma's basement for two nights and hung out at a place where the word "organic" is like speaking a foreign language. We ate processed turkey and cheese sandwiches with mayo, talked about funny family stories and got caught up on all the gossip from my grandma's church family - which consists of an entire congregation of 20. We also hit the Macy's clearance center in downtown Spokane and cleaned up on deals of the century. These are coupon shoppers - people who do not buy things that are not on sale. People that are sweet, without a lot of outside interests beyond their 4 walls.

It's good to go back to places from whence we came - it gives you a good dose of humbleness. If nothing else, it clarifies things - like why you love processed cheese and miracle whip.

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