Thursday, March 26, 2009

Theme Song

On day four of total quiet in the house I find I am learning more and more about myself. Besides the fact that I eat really poorly when there's no one else to share meals with and that I leave a lot of dishes in the sink when there's no one here to need clean ones - I have decided that I need a theme song.

On a positive note I have been exercising this week - and because of that, I have revived my ipod. I have been adding songs and making playlists and actually using it! Finally, that Christmas present from 3 years ago is paying off Carl!

But what I have discovered is that my mood and energy are directly related to what's playing. I thought at first that maybe I could find one song that would really define me - a theme song to life. Kind of like that show Ally McBeal - where when the mousy little lawyer came into the scene Barry White would begin playing. But maybe it's more like a theme song each day. Or each week. Or maybe it's every hour. Not sure yet.

Think I'll explore some more... what's your theme song?

PS - If you read this on FB - leave a comment with your theme song, if you read this directly on my blog - leave a comment with your song too!

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Brian Pettepiece said...

Music is definetely mood dependent. Take for instance Rogue Wave - California when I'm ready to relax. Or, Teki Latex - Go Go Go (to the disco) when I'm ready to party. Or, M. Ward - Never Had Nobody Like You, when I'm in-between.