Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things I learned while I was alone for 6 days

6 days with no kids and no husband around.... good time to grow.

1. I cannot live on coffee, bagels and beer. My tummy hurts.
2. There is no limit to how many times you can watch 1 movie in a week. I’ve watched Twilight 3 times this week. It’s my new obsession. I even watched the special features on the DVD. What is it about that movie? Hmmm...maybe a whole different blog post.
3. I kind of like running. Tried it and could see how it’s addicting. Went out and bought running shoes and am even pondering a "learn how to run" class. For anyone that knows me - this is hilarious.
4. 6 days alone is too many unless you are on a beach. I am getting bored with myself.
5. I like the sound of children in the house. Quiet is not normal.
6. When I have all the time in the world I cannot remember a single thing I want or need to get done. What happened to the list of things I’ll do when I have time? Found the list today - but discovered what I really wanted to do was nothing. Well, at least I know what I MEANT to get done.
7. I like listening to music in the house – loudly. Classical, rock, top 40s chick music - it's all really good LOUD.
8. On the last day alone you remember all the things you meant to do all week and try to get them ALL done! That’s a very busy day. The list is still so long.
9. I don’t really read the paper. More of an online, radio, heard it through the grapevine girl. But newspaper is good for putting underneath painting projects. Oh - and finding out what movies are playing. But that's about it.
10. Something big always happens when you least expect it. My 2 year old slept like a champ in the big boy bed at gramma's house so in a moment of craziness I dismantled his crib today. Hope I don't regret that tonight when he gets home.

At the end of 6 days…I am ready to be a great wife and mom again. All rejuvenated. Hope it lasts. ☺

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