Friday, March 13, 2009

Friendship - simplified

I am in major simplication mode these days....who isn't? Between cutting out expenses, slowing down on any shopping and learning to say "no" to extra activities - I think we are all learning to live a little more simply.

One of my new area of simplification is spending time only with those I TRULY want to spend time with. I really just can't handle anymore HMF's. (High Maintenance Friends) Don't have the time or the patience.

One of the people I really DO want to spend time with seems to be one the same track as me. She is good at simplifying and seems willing and ready to say "no" to extras that don't add value to her world. But every time we've tried to plan something lately, there's something in the way. Since I know she feels the same way I do about the simplication process - I am left to wonder - have I become her HMF and been simplified out of her life? Yikes!

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