Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Art Show at school tonight!

Tonight was an art show put on by some of the kids at my son's school. The idea was that each child was the "docent" for the parent, giving them a tour of all the art done recently in school - including many pieces done by the docents themselves. I went alone with the two kids because hubby is traveling - and it made for an interesting evening to say the least.

I think the most important feature for the evening for Thomas was the fact that he was at school when he didn't have to be. Something about the wrong timing of it all seems to amp up the energy all around. It's funny to watch - he was more excited to say "hi" to friends than anything else.

After getting over his stage fright (he definitely didn't get that from me!) he read from his script. It said things like "vincentvangogh lived in frans" and Georgess Curat's "pikchrs loked difrint upclos and far uwa". So danged cute....

We toured the pics and stoped to say hi to every friend who came along.

Beck got in on the action too - he was thrilled to be able to walk around freely in school.....something he's not usually allowed to do. At one point of course he wandered off. Took me about 20 minutes to find him - at the front door of the school pushing the button that makes the door open and close for wheelchair accessibility. I should have known that's where he was - he's two and a boy - he simply can't control the desire to push buttons...especially ones that actually have a function! Funny how sweet and innocent he seems to be here....

Here's a few more pics of Thomas and his art...

This last one is positively the sweetest thing I've ever read.... and I have no doubt it'll bring a tear to one daddy's eye. If you've ever wondered if he's paying attention and if he cares - he is, and he does.

Art is everywhere. Art is bluegrass.
Art is us. Art is a river.
Art is fire. Art is a rock.
Art is a pirate. Art is a rock band.
Art is nature. Art is the Stormbrains.
Art is animals. Art is a diamond.

Art is awesome to me.
Art is the coolest music, bluegrass.
Art is the most awesome thing that I have seen.
Art is a shooting star.

By Thomas Christoferson

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