Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Sweetest Things

I had the best day today. I watched 2 two year olds for 6 hours and it was REALLY fun! My son behaved like a true gentleman - giving hugs and kisses at the appropriate time to his little friend Miss A. He shared his toys, he offered her his blanket at nap-time and held her face gently when he kissed her goodbye.

Not once in all the 6 hours did he cry or whine or scream. I kept wondering where my regular terrible two child had gone and who this new child was replacing him. To be clear - he reappeared not long after little Miss A left - but those 6 hours were bliss.

I am left to wonder - what has she got that I don't? What make him behave like a little gentleman when she is around and a screaming banshee when it's his brother or just me around? Whatever it is - can I bottle that ingredient? I loved the affect it had on my household - calm, loving and sweet....maybe that's what it's like to have girls versus boys. :)

I know better though - little girls become teenage girls and I remember being one of those - not fun for anyone involved. U guess I'll have to live with my screaming banshee's.... and invite little Miss A over a lot more often!

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